In searching my hard drive for something else, I found a zip file my father gave me of pictures he’d taken when he visited me in Jordan. I’d completely forgotten about them and it was such a wonderful experience seeing them again. I feel nostalgic and homesick for the place I’ve called Dir Edis!

I don’t want to post pictures of recognizable people, so most of them won’t go online. But here are a few pictures of places I’ve mentioned in these posts.

The post office/bus stop in Dir Edis:

post office 2

An artfully-cropped photo of me in my first kitchen, with the gas canister of death, a hot-box oven, and my sorry attempt at a plate of malfoof. (Fortunately, Amira sent over a plate of her stuffed cabbage the next day, so my dad got to taste the good stuff.)


The Valley bus station in Irbid, where I spent many, many, many happy hours.

bus station square in irbid

The kitchen in my second house, including the window through which my correspondent-in-the-tree slipped two notes.


The bathroom in which I almost died.


The views from the roof of my first house. First facing north (the brown haze is Syria and Mount Hermon), and second facing east towards… Iraq, I guess, a long way away.

view from roof 3

view from roof

The first school at which I taught. At the time, it was the only girls’ school in the village.

school 2

And last (for now) but not least, Madaba’s Jerusalem fesifusa!

madaba mosaic



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